Thursday, February 21, 2013


Hi, long lost blogger friends! Sorry I haven't been around much. Just working. On the WIP (getting there). And working working. Anyway, here's a little update on what I'm

LOVING: tagxedo. I first learned about it from Katy Upperman who learned about it from Sarah Enni and ohmygosh, I could play with this for hours. It's a lot like Wordle, but BETTER. I fed my WIP to it and then even my SNI. I may go back and tagxedo stories I haven't touched in forever. SO FUN. And so pretty. See.

A themed Wordle! Too cool. I really wanted a football, but *sigh* that was not an option, so since the shark thing is kind of a big deal in my story, voila.

You should totally try it. And if you do, I would love to see your tagxedo! Let me know if you blog about it in the comments.

READING: I have found new author love and her name is Courtney Summers. She completely hooked me with THIS IS NOT A TEST (best read of 2012, thank you) and so I snagged these two off the library shelf recently

and oh—the VOICE. So real and heart-wrenching and I only just started! I think I shall devour them this weekend.

WATCHING: Most of you know I don't really watch much television outside of Adventure Time (SO Math), Gravity Falls (Love. Love. Love, love, love) and anything else my kids are watching, but lately I've developed a slight huge obsession for

LOVE the songs (new elliptical workout music), love the characters. The story. And of course,

Fat Amy.

Love. HER.

THINKING ABOUT: a million things: soccer practice, soccer games, basketball games, tutoring, grading papers, planning lessons, scheduling hair appointments, answering emails—tired yet? My brain is too, but ever present in the noggin—my WIP—the changes I'm working on, the words I need to cut. I've cut 25K and still have more to weed out. Oh, and yes—I should be the poster child for ridiculously long first drafts.

ANTICIPATING: The end of the school year. Warm weather. And beach time. This chick needs a tan!

WISHING: for more hours in the day. Enough said.


the minion in the middle!

Just kidding. My family. ALWAYS.

What are you CURRENTLY up to?